High Performance Insulation, Privacy,
Bomb Blast and Solar Window Films

Window film has many applications and benefits — from energy cost and carbon footprint reductions, to improving staff comfort and performance, from enhancing building security, safety and appearance to reducing UV fading of furnishings.

GP Window Films is a leading UK supplier of the best window film solutions such as solar window films for both the private and the public sector. Although we pride ourselves for supplying the most technologically advanced window films available anywhere in the world, our comprehensive product range enables us to fit almost any budget

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Solar Window Films

Solar Window Film

The best range of solar window films including clear, tinted, external and reflective window films.

"The reduction in temperature was dramatic. this was great news for the staff." Contracts Manager

Clear Solar Window Films

Clear Solar Window Film

The best performing clear film on double glazing in the market keeps heat out, lets light in, but is invisible. Clear window film is the ideal choice when appearance needs to be maintained.

"It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by GP Systems and the effect has been exactly as required." Contracts Manager

Energy Saving Solar Window Films

Energy Cost Savings

Major breakthrough - energy efficiency solar control window film that does not change building appearance. Outperforms other clear window films by up to 50% on double glazing and is endorsed by the Clinton Climate initiative.

Our range of energy saving window films could help your organisation save up to 10% of its annual energy bills and reduce its carbon footprint.

Reflective Infrared Window Films

Reflective Window Film

Our high performance reflective film rejects 20% more infrared heat than the equivalent reflective films and has a warmer colour than them, creating a more pleasant and productive office environment.

Our clients choose this film over other reflective films because of its higher solar performance, light transmission and warmer colour.

Insulation Window Films

Insulation Window Film

Our market leading insulating low-e window film achieves near double glazing thermal insulating performance when applied on single glazing and saves up to 50% more energy within a year than any other leading internal window film.

Bomb Blast Protection Window Films

Bomb Blast Window Film

Over 90% of bomb blast injuries are caused by flying glass. Use edge retention in addition to anti-shatter film for additional bomb blast protection.

Our installation team has been making glass safe in over 20 different countries. Our award-winning maritime window film solution is protecting shipping worldwide.

"GP Systems' knowledge and vast experience in glazing systems has assisted Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in reducing the vulnerabilities of sites throughout the UK." National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Regulation 14, Manifestation Graphics and DDA Compliant Dots

Privacy Manifestation Film

A wide range of solutions is available, from DDA compliant dots and frosting to stunning images and brand enhancing logos. GP Systems audits will help you comply with Building Regulation 14 of the Workplace Act 1992

Add privacy to meeting rooms or enhance your office partitioning with any image.