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UV Window Film and Conservation

GP UV window films work

GP Systems' range of UV window film meets and exceeds museum specifications and continues to perform well after many years. Other UV window film has been shown to degrade significantly in performance over time.  GP Systems  also offers combined role UV window film to provide insulation, safety and security.

Reduce Fading with UV window film

Certain elements of light cause damage to property causing it to fade. GP Systems offers a range of long lasting products to dramatically slow the rate of fading by filtering out the damaging elements of light.

Dealing with Humidity and Temperature.  Counter mold, warping and cracking

GP Systems offers insulative window films which reduces fluctuations in relative humidity and, when used in conjunction with other means, can lower extremes in relative humidity thus cutting a major cause of damage to conservation projects. 

Theft and vandalism.

Conservation often involves rare, valuable or unique items that make attractive targets for theft and vandalism. GP Systems high performance security range of window films and edge retention systems make windows difficult to use as points of access and anti-graffiti films can be used to protect the appearance of your building.

Glass Damage.

Glass breakage in proximity to assets can cause expensive and sometimes irrevesible damage to assets and presents a safety hazard to employees, visitors and residents whether accidental or otherwise. GP window films can ensure that in the event of treated glass breaking no shards are scattered and glass dust is dramatically reduced thus protecting both people and assets.

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