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UV Window Films-Fading

Plastic Problems?

GP Conservation films provide a strong solution that prolongs the life expectancy of plastics by three times. It filters out over 99% of UV (ultra-violet light) and over 90% of Infra-red light near eliminating the primary cause of plastic degradation

Why worry about plastic degradation?Image of plastic discolouration

Time has proven plastics to be less lasting than is generally supposed. Over time plastics become brittle, discoloured, warped and crazed (crazing is a series of cracks that develop in plastics). This is largely the result of molecular damage done to the plastic by light (especially Ultra-violet light). Ultra-violet light has been shown to have such a powerful effect on plastic that when plastics are dumped in the ocean where they are exposed to light they degrade within a year. On the other hand plastics dumped in landfills or similar locations where they are not exposed to light are estimated to last almost indefinitely.

Solving Plastic Degradation

GP System UV filter films are a thin transparent or translucent material that eliminates over 99% of Ultraviolet light and over 90% of infrared whilst still allowing clarity of vision. The material is applied to the internal or external face of the window to filter the natural light as it passes through. UV filters are also available for artificial lighting.

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