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Don't miss out on the best value deal

We are all looking for a great price, the best deal we can get.

But what is the best deal? How do you get the best value?

The Best Value Deal

At GP Systems we will not enter a bidding war on price. We are already competitive priced. Our secret is that we do not invest funds into activities that do not directly benefit the customer.

So as well as a great price you get:

  • Project Management from Day One so that nothing goes wrong
  • All Health and Safety considerations taken into account
  • High levels of insurance and public and employers liability
  • High levels of communication
  • Surveys and method statements
  • Design previews on manifestations so you know what you are getting.
  • We encourage our fitters to replace any film with a less than perfect installation. Some film wasteage is encouraged to ensure a better result.
  • Glass cleaned after the job is completed to create a great impression for you and your customers.
  • The best installers who are paid fairly for their superior skill so they do not rush your installation.

You get what you pay for

There is a practice of setting up competition amongst bidders to get a great price. However, the result can be a terrible installation.

Companies have to make a profit to survive so the result of heavy discounting is cutbacks in surveys, project management and quality of installation.

Installers cut corners when they have to rush work. If the installer is losing income on a job they will work faster to compensate.

Choose the best, call 0845 003 7260.

An Example:

The inspiration of this page is a couple of recent experiences where competitors have gone in below a profitable margin.

Today, I have found out that the competitor is going back to the customer to ask for additional funds. The large project is part-completed, but the installers are making insufficient income as each film installation is more time-consuming than originally planned.

It is critical that a good survey is done so that health and safety is planned, good method statements are in place and sufficient time is scoped for the installation.

We can help

Call 0845 003 7260 for a no-obligation discussion about your implementation. An expert is available who is there to help you, or contact us online:

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