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“GP Systems are assisting the National Counter Terrorism Security Office with the training of the national network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. Their knowledge and vast experience in glazing systems has assisted Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in reducing the vulnerabilities of sites throughout the UK.”National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Bomb Blast Protection Window Films

Bomb Blast Window Films Save Lives

90% of all injuries in a bomb blast is caused by flying glass.

Bomb blast protection window films make glass safe from the threat of a bomb blast, plant explosion, maritime pirate attack or windstorm.

Our services are available globally.

Bomb blast window film

Bomb Blast Films

In the event of terrorist attack the first priority is the safety of your staff and visitors. Bomb blast protection window films make glass safe. Latest bomb blast news.

Bomb Blast Window Film Benefits

Benefits of Bomb Blast Window Films

Discover the security, safety, comfort and energy saving benefits of bomb blast window film installation.

Plant Explosion

Plant Explosion

The UK recently had the largest blast recorded in Europe when the Buncefield Oil Depot exploded.

Range of safety window films

Range of Safety Films

We help you to chose the right safety film.

Call 0845 003 7260 for the specifications.

Maritime Pirates preparing to attack commercial shipping

Maritime Security

Maritime security and counter piracy services available in strategic ports, including the maritime application of bomb blast window films.

Without edge retention

Edge Retention

Keep the blast impact from damaging your office. Edge retention systems keep the glass and film combination in the frame.

Damaged building with poor bomb blast protection

Bomb Blast Protection for Buildings

Methods for protecting buildings from bomb blast damage and preventing injuries to the occupants.

Window without bomb blast protection window film

Is Your Window Film Good Enough?

Do you already have blast protection window film installed? Does it still provide enough protection from blasts?