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Worst bomb attacks in the UK

Copy of Reuters Article about Bomb Attacks


Article dated 1st July 2007.

Here is a chronology of some of the worst bomb attacks in Britain in the past 30 years:

February 1974

Coach carrying soldiers and families in northern England is bombed by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). Twelve people killed, 14 wounded.


October-November 1974

Wave of IRA bombs in British pubs kills 28 people and wounds more than 200.

Public places are targeted, with the aim to cause mass civilian casualties. Fortunately bomb blast window film saves lives.


July 1982

Two IRA bomb attacks on soldiers in London's royal parks kill 11 people and wound 50.

Even parks are targeted, for the same reasons. Check out the latest bomb blast news.


December 1983

IRA bomb at London's Harrods department store kills six.

Having public places as target translates a desire for high media impact. Check out some of the videos of windows exploding with and without bomb blast film.


October 1984

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's cabinet narrowly escapes IRA bomb which kills five people at a hotel in Brighton, Southern England, during the Conservative Party's annual conference.


December 1988

A Pan Am Boeing 747 crashes on the town of Lockerbie, Scotland, killing all 259 aboard after a bomb on board explodes. Eleven people in Lockerbie are also killed.


September 1989

Bomb at Royal Marines Music School in Deal, South-East England, kills 11 and wounds 22.

February 1991

The IRA fires mortar bomb at Prime Minister John Major's London office. No one is injured.


April 1992

Huge car bomb outside Baltic Exchange in London's financial district kills three people and wounds 91.


March 1993

Bombs in two litter bins in Warrington kill two boys aged three and 12.

Having public places as target translates a desire to inflict mass and random casualties.


April 1993

IRA truck bomb devastates Bishopsgate area of London's financial district, killing one and wounding 44.

February 1996

Two people die when IRA guerrillas detonate large bomb in London's Docklands area.


March 2001

A powerful car bomb explodes outside the BBC's London headquarters. Police say the Real IRA, a republican splinter group opposed to the IRA's ceasefire, was behind the blast. One man was wounded.


July 7, 2005

Four suicide bomb blasts on London transport during the morning rush hour kill 52 people and injure about 700 in the first Islamist suicide bombings in western Europe.


July 21

British police say four men attempted to carry out a second wave of attacks on three London underground stations and one bus.


June 29, 2007

Police defuse potential bombs in two cars loaded with fuel, gas canisters and nails which were left in the centre of London poised to detonate.


June 30, 2007

A four-wheel-drive vehicle crashes into the main entrance of the airport terminal in Glasgow, 400 miles (600km) north of London. It then burst into flames.

“The UK is no stranger to terrorism but the current rise in home-grown Islamist extremism presents an unprecedented threat to business and society at large.”quote from “Home Grown Terrorism Report”.

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