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“GP Systems are assisting the National Counter Terrorism Security Office with the training of the national network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. Their knowledge and vast experience in glazing systems has assisted Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in reducing the vulnerabilities of sites throughout the UK.”National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Bomb Blast Window Film Saves Lives

The Hard Facts

The UK is on a SEVERE terror alert. This means that future terrorist attacks are highly likely.

Massive Bomb found in Northern Ireland

A van found packed with 500lbs of explosives in Northern Ireland could have been destined for a town centre attack, say police. The van was abandoned near a police checkpoint in Newry on Friday, 8 April 2011.

If not found, this bomb could have produced devastating effects on a city centre. By comparison, the Harrods bomb in 1983, that killed 6 people and injured more than 80 people, had an estimated weight of 25lbs (about 20 times less!).


Bomb blast window film saves lives.

90% of all injuries from bombs is caused by flying glass. Just one jagged splinter of glass is enough to kill someone or maim.

Who is the Target?

The United States, Israel and the UK are the prime targets for terrorists.


Terrorists have shown an exceptional level of ambition and willingness to carry out indiscriminate terrorist attacks.

… and indiscriminate attacks means that crowded places are targeted.

Counter Terrorist Advice

See our counter terrorist advice page for more information, including:

  • Terrorist advice from MI5 and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office
  • Gordon Brown's speech on terrorism, linking crowded places to the need for bomb blast window film.

Method of Attack


Currently an explosive device within a vehicle is the most common means of attack.

Over the last 30 years the UK has been the target of many bomb attacks.

Your Legal Obligation


If you are unlucky enough to suffer a bomb blast then your preparation and contingency plans are very likely to come under scrutiny.

Understand more about your company's legal position in the event of a bomb blast.

Seeing is Believing…

Watch the video of bomb blast window film in action.

Sounds Expensive - Read Here for a Pleasant Surprise

Bomb blast window film is the least expensive option to offer real protection in the event of a bomb blast close to your facility.

It is highly effective - remember that most casualties in a bomb blast are caused by flying glass.

With blast mitigation solutions, the cost escalates substantially with additional resiliency required. Consequently, it is important to offer a solution which does not significantly exceed the requirements you state or need, which would result in unnecessary costs.

Work with us and we will ensure that your money is invested wisely on the right solution for your needs.

Read about the bomb blast window film case study of our installation at Kings College London at The Strand, and read more about our installation and guarantee to you.

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