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Building Bomb Blast Protection

Bomb Blast Protection for Buildings

Providing complete protection for a building and its occupants from bomb blasts is not possible, but by assessing the risks and specifying solutions, such as bomb blast protection window film, damage and injury can be minimised.

Protecting staff and visitors should always be the highest concern for any company. The right preparation and precautions are essential for providing protection from bomb blasts, industrial accidents or any other blast risks.

Bomb Blast Protection for Windows

Regardless of building construction and other bomb blast protection measures, glazing is often the weakest factor and greatest cause of injury.

Modern buildings have large windows to maximise natural light, but up to 90% of bomb blast injuries are caused by flying glass. Bomb blast protection window film is the most cost-effective ‘quick win’ solution for reducing bomb blast injuries.

Edge retention systems are recommended to further reduce the risk of bomb blast injuries and improve business continuity by keeping glass in its frame.

Protecting the Building Structure from a Bomb Blast

Modern buildings are designed to be exceptionally strong, and those identified as high risk will ideally incorporate bomb blast protection measures when built.

Although a high risk building may be designed to include bomb blast protection, neighbouring lower risk buildings could still suffer bomb blast damage.

Measures can be fitted to older buildings to provide additional protection from bomb blast shock waves and broken masonry entering the building. Methods include bracing masonry to the core structure, applying a polymer coating to the internal face of masonry and installing reinforced internal partitions.

However the windows will often remain the most vulnerable part of the building.

The Stand-off Distance

The pressure on a building from a bomb blast depends on the size of device and distance from the blast (‘stand-off distance’). As the blast pressure diminishes with distance, restricting close vehicle access to a building is an effective way of providing some bomb blast protection.

Architectural features such as raised planters and reinforced external furniture can prevent vehicles from getting close to or even ramming a building, without the imposing appearance walls and fencing.

Setting a building back from roads and using barriers maybe possible for buildings away from city centres, but is not often achievable in densely built areas. Even if a stand-off distance is achieved protection may still be required from larger vehicle bombs or hand-held devices.

The Negative Pressure Phase

The initial shock wave from a bomb blast is immediately followed by a negative pressure phase, drawing air back into the vacuum created by the bomb blast. This phase can pull broken glass, debris, office equipment, valuables and sensitive paperwork out of the building.

Window film fitted with an edge retention system keeps the glass in the frame, reducing the time needed to clear the building and get back to business as usual. Paperwork is not pulled through broken glazing by the negative pressure phase, so confidential information stays confidential.

Bomb Blast Protection That Pays for Itself

Flying glass is the biggest cause of bomb blast injuries, but blast protection window film is the most cost-effective and easily installed solution to help protect the occupants of your building.

Combining the blast protection performance of window film with its solar heat control and anti-glare properties could see your investment in staff safety paying for itself in reduced air conditioning use and energy costs and improved staff comfort and productivity.

We Can Help

With so many risks and factors to consider, finding the best and most cost-effective bomb blast protection solution isn't easy.

We provide an audit of your glazing systems to help you determine the best bomb blast protection for your building.

Call 0845 003 7260 for a no-obligation discussion about your security concerns with an expert, or contact us online:

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