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Ultima Cable Bar Window Frame Retention System

The Edge Retention Alternative for Weak Window Frames

Cable Bar Window Frame Retention System

The Ultima Cable Bar Window Frame Retention System is designed to catch the whole window pane, and even the complete frame should it fail, in the event of an industrial or bomb blast.

The system is used in conjunction with bomb blast protection window film, either as an alternative to edge retention, or as an upgrade to an existing edge retention installation.

The cable is manufactured from high tensile steel which gives it an incredible strength to thickness ratio, providing maximum protection with the minimum of visual disruption.

For the ultimate in bomb blast protection the system can be used with the No Bar Window Defence System - edge retention capable of withstanding 30PSI of blast pressure.

Why Use Cable Bar Retention for Your Windows?

Bomb blast protection window film alone will prevent shards of flying glass (the biggest cause of bomb blast injuries) but the entire pane of glass will leave the frame. This still allows risk a risk of injury and interior damage, while compromising the integrity and security of the building.

Cable Bar Window Frame Retention System

Edge retention systems keep the glass in the window frame, but ultimately depend on the strength of the frame and surround building structure to work reliably.

The Ultima Cable Bar Window Frame Retention System is attached deep into the solid building substrate, eliminating reliance on the strength of the window frame.

When window frame reliability cannot be assured the cable bar system provides the ideal upgrade or alternative to conventional edge retention systems.

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From risk analysis to structural integrity of your building, there’s a lot to consider when looking for the best blast protection for your business premises.

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