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“It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by GP Systems and the effect has been exactly as required.”Tim Barrett (Contracts Manager), DOI Group

Conservatory and Atrium Window Films

Make Your Conservatory the Best Room in the House

Atrium roof with solar window film

Conservatories are great, but they can have problems — being too hot in summer and too cold in winter can leave them unused much of the time. If they aren't being used the value for money is lost.

Overhead fans are often used to keep conservatories cool. If extending existing heating isn't practical, electric heaters are often used to keep them warm. Making the most of your conservatory can significantly add to your energy bills. Blinds can be expensive and eliminate the view — one of the benefits of a conservatory!

Conservatory Window Film Benefits

  • control solar heat gain and improve comfort in summer
  • insulate and retain heat in colder weather
  • prevent fading of surfaces and furnishings caused by sunlight
  • provide protection for skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • allow you to still enjoy the view of your garden and surroundings
  • help you get the most use and enjoyment from you conservatory.

Our Best Window Film Solutions for Conservatories

The GP Window Film for Maximising Solar Heat Rejection

  • rejects approximately 50% more solar heat than window films fitted internally. This improves the thermal comfort inside the building and the productivity of your employees
  • "self-cleans" by repelling dirt and water. No outside window cleaning is necessary as a result, saving your company money while giving your windows a clean look throughout the year
  • is backed by a 10 year warranty when fitted on vertical glass, and a 5 year warranty when fitted on sloping glass

The GP Window Film for Maximising Heat Insulation

  • offers unparalleled thermal insulation. 93% of the radiant heat is reflected back into the room
  • offers all year energy savings, due to its unparalleled winter insulating performance coupled with its superior solar heat rejection during the summer
  • saves up to 50% more energy annually than any other leading internal window films

The GP Window Film for Maximising Solar Glare Reduction

  • is the only externally-fitted tinted solar film available on the market. Most clients prefer the aesthetics of the tinted film
  • eliminates the thermal stress of glass and therefore the risk of glass breakage and its associated safety hazards and replacement costs
  • reduces 99% of UV radiation, providing protection against premature skin aging and skin cancer while reducing fading on your furnishings by a factor of 3

The GP Window Film for Maintaining the Appearance of the Building

  • is the best performing clear film on double glazing in the market. It doesn't change the appearance of buildings
  • reduces the dependency on artificial lighting compared to other solar films
  • stops most of infrared heat, which is a primary cause of discomfort, significantly improving the thermal comfort for the employees located near the windows and making them more productive

Need Some Advice? We can help…

We've got over 15 years experience installing window films, supplying the most advanced solar window films available. We'll ensure you get the right choice of window film to get the most from your conservatory.

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