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“GP Systems are assisting the National Counter Terrorism Security Office with the training of the national network of Counter Terrorism Security Advisors. Their knowledge and vast experience in glazing systems has assisted Counter Terrorism Security Advisors in reducing the vulnerabilities of sites throughout the UK.”National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Effective Bomb Blast Protection

Is Your Bomb Blast Protection Good Enough?

Your windows may already be fitted with bomb blast protection window film, but is it good enough?

Window film technology is always evolving, and the latest window films and installation methods provide substantially improved bomb blast protection compared to older window films.

How Old is Your Blast Protection Window Film

Bomb blast protection window film and adhesives have an optimum lifespan, and the performance will reduce over time.

The condition of older window films can easily be assessed using some simple tests. Contact us to arrange a health check and audit of your existing bomb blast window film.

Bomb Blasts are Getting Bigger

Older blast protection films can be much thinner than modern window films, often only 50-65% of the currently recommended thickness.

With terrorists using more powerful explosives and larger devices, older window films may no longer provide adequate protection from bomb blasts.

Will Your Glass Stay in the Frame?

Bomb blast protection window film holds the broken glass together, but it will still leave the window frame, leaving your office interior exposed to the elements.

The negative pressure wave of a bomb blast can pull the glass out of the building, along with office equipment and confidential papers.

Edge retention systems fix the window film to the window frames, providing greater blast protection and keeping broken glazing in place for increased safety, security and confidentiality. Your office contents remain in the building and protected, allowing your company to get back to business quicker.

How Has Your Office Changed?

Even if you already have existing bomb blast protection film, your building and environment might have changed since it was installed:

  • Have any modifications been made to your building that are not yet protected (including internal glass partitions)?
  • Do you have new neighbours? Are you now working next to a ‘high risk’?
  • Has your building usage changed? Do you have new computer equipment to protect from damaging glass dust?

We can help

If you are unsure of the performance of your existing bomb blast window film we can help. We provide an audit of your current bomb blast protection film and advice for any improvements.

Call 0845 003 7260 for a no-obligation discussion about your security concerns with an expert, or contact us online:

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