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“It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by GP Systems and the effect has been exactly as required.”Tim Barrett (Contracts Manager), DOI Group

Window Films for Energy Efficiency

Window Film - Delivering a Competitive Advantage

Reducing energy costs and improving productivity — sounds too good to be true?

Installing window film give an organisation a competitive advantage by cost-effectively delivering both of these benefits and more.

Energy Cost Savings

Air conditioning can account for 30-50% of a company's annual energy costs. Solar window film typically delivers a 5-10% energy saving, and with energy prices increasing that saving will become more important than ever.

Solar window film doesn't just deliver energy savings by reducing air conditioning usage in summer. By insulating your windows and reflecting heat back into the building it reduces winter heating costs too.

Read more about the energy costs savings window film can give your company.

Return on Investment

Window film is going to save an organisation money. Naturally they will want to know when will it pay for itself.

The answer might be sooner than they think — by analysing building and current energy costs we can help determine the return on investment.

Improve Your Environmental Performance

Pressure to improve environmental performance is increasing, and window film is a cost-effective way of significantly improving the performance of a company.

Large public and private sector organisation now have to participate in the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) Energy Saving Scheme. Local authority CO2 emmissions are also measured using National Indicators NI186 and NI186.

Carbon footprint is still important for companies outside of these schemes. As organisations look to reduce their carbon footprint they increasingly need to consider the environmental performance of their suppliers.

Installing window film is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to improve a company's performance. In addition to the longer term benefits, window film production has a significantly lower carbon footprint than glass, and avoids both the waste and disposal costs of replacement glazing.

Real and Quantifiable Benefits

How much will window film save an organisation? We can provide a good estimate with our Radiation Profile Energy Analysis audits using complex modelling software.

We can't predict just how much energy prices will continue to rise in the future, so energy cost savings will almost certainly exceed our findings.

Improving Staff Productivity with Window Film

A company's employees are both key to its success and probably its largest cost, so it makes sense to ensure that employees are as motivated and productive as possible.

Window film improves staff productivity by providing a comfortable working environment, avoiding poor concentration from high temperatures and fatigue from excessive glare.

Security That Pays for Itself

Window film is going to reduce energy costs and make staff happier and more productive — already compelling reasons to invest in installing it.

Combine the solar heat control properties of window film with other features to make premises safer and more secure.

It's Easy Too…

Installing window film will not disrupt a business - there is no mess, no harmful chemicals and no need to restrict building access while it is being installed.

From assisting with a environmental strategy and determining the return on investment, to choosing and installling the right product, we're here to help make window film work.

Get in touch and discover how window film will give your organisation the competitive advantage.