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“It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by GP Systems and the effect has been exactly as required.“Tim Barrett (Contracts Manager), DOI Group

External Solar Window Films

Reflect Heat Before it Enters the Building

External window film

Fitted to the glass exterior, external window films reflect solar energy before it enters the glazing, making them some of the most effective solar control window films available.

As with other types of solar control films, external window films can reduce the load on building air-conditioning — reducing costs while improving internal comfort and staff productivity.

External Window Films Benefits

  • improve staff comfort by controlling extreme solar glare issues, such as reflections on VDUs
  • tackle the most severe solar heat gain problems by reflecting heat from the outermost surface
  • suitable for situations where internal window film installation is difficult

Our "Long Life" External Window Film

  • rejects 50% more solar heat than the window films fitted internally, improving the thermal comfort inside the building and the productivity of your employees
  • "self-cleans" by repelling dirt and water. No outside window cleaning is necessary as a result, saving your company money while giving your windows a clean look throughout the year
  • lasts twice as long as any other external films and has the lowest total cost of ownership
  • is backed by a 10 year warranty if fitted on vertical glass
  • reduces 99% of UV radiation, providing protection against premature skin aging and skin cancer while reducing fading on your furnishings by a factor of 3

External Window Film Features

External solar window films are ideal for controlling the toughest of solar heat gain and internal glare problems.

When internal installation is difficult or impractical, such as rooflights, external films can be used to still provide all the great benefits of solar control window film. The exterior application minimises the risk of thermal stress on glazing units, making external window film a versatile solution for any situation.

Maximum Solar Heat and Glare Control

By reflecting solar energy at the outermost point, external window films prevents it being absorbed by the glazing, and subsequently radiated inside the building.

Depending on the colour external window film can reject up to 82% of solar heat gain, while reducing solar glare by up to 86% (on clear single glazing).


External solar window films are available in a range of colours, including bronze, silver, grey and gold — perfect for enhancing your premises while delivering cost savings and improved comfort.

External window films can have a coating more resistant to dirt build-up than ordinary glass, and are washed by the rain. Not only do they keep your building looking great, but they also offer further savings in window cleaning costs. Ideal for glazing in hard to reach places.

Radiation Profile Energy Analysis

Rising energy costs and the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Saving Scheme have put increased pressure on organisations to reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint.

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