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Regulation 14 & Glass Injuries

Regulation 14

Regulation 14 is a legal obligation to manage and control the risks from glass. This means that glass must be:

  • Safe from breakage
  • Visible to avoid accidental collision

Regulation 14 imposes, on those responsible, a duty to undertake a risk assessment of their glazing in critical locations.

Causes of Glass Injuries

Most accidents with glass are due to:

  1. Failure to see the glass
  2. Slips and falls - knowing the glass is there
  3. Intentional breakage

When a person accidently impacts glass there are few immediate dangers:

broken glass

Falling through the Glass

The first is from deep cuts due to large shards that slice into the hands, wrists, arms and body.

Unfortunately, there have been deaths from injuries such as a severed femoral artery.

Rebounding from the Glass

The second danger is from the 'rebound' affect. When someone bumps into a large glass pane, the impact causes the glass to break and for the person to be thrown back.

During the rebound, the person is falling away from the sharp edges of the glass, and the result can be deep cuts which tear off large flaps of skin.

glass injury

Wired Glass

Wired glass is horrific because the wires are like razor blades. Too many accidents continue to happen.

The news clip on wired glass is a 'must watch'. Make sure you have the volume up.

Complying with Regulation 14 and Improving Safety against Glass Injuries

GP Systems offer two window film solutions to help your company comply with Regulation 14 and prevent glass injuries:

We can help

Call 0845 003 7260 for a no-obligation discussion about your implementation. An expert is available who is there to help you, or contact us online:

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