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Glass is used extensively in modern buildings, but while it gives you a perfect view, it does come with risks and could have a negative impact on the environment.

Assessing the risks from glass could be a very difficult task if you are not an expert and if you are not equipped with the right tools.

But you don't have to worry, because our team has 25 years experience in assessing risks from glass, it is equipped with the latest technology for accurate measurements, and it is ready to help.

Why Hire Us?

Considerable Experience

GP Systems has pulled together experienced experts from the window film industry and the corporate world. The Management Team and installers typically have 15 to 25 years experience in the window film industry.

Safe Pair of Hands

Mistakes can be both costly to the supplier and highly disruptive to clients.

This is why each major project starts with a Project Definition Document which the client signs off.

In our considerable experience, we know that investing expertise and resource in project management delights our clients because:

  • Saves time and effort trouble-shooting issues
  • You know exactly the scope of what you are getting
  • There are fewer unforseen issues
  • If something goes wrong then the issue or risk is project managed limiting the impact on the client

At the Most Economically Advantegeous Price

As well as our continuous support it is our intention to provide competitive pricing to ensure you get value for money, the right solution and the best quality installation. Usually our pricing compares very favourably for a like-to-like scope and product specification.

Kind to the Environment

GP Systems Ltd maintains an Environmental Management System to understand its impact to the environment. Decisions are made taking into account the company's environmental impact.

Bekaert window films, our supplier of Armorcoat anti-fragmentation film, is the only manufacturer of window film to publish a carbon declaration and be awarded the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard.

Glazing Asset Register

The glazing asset register ensures that risks, checks and improvements or changes to the glazing are conducted efficiently and documented.

The glazing asset register contains detailed information about all the glazing in the areas surveyed. The detail is appropriate in order to structure a lifecycle maintenance program of the glazing to make keep it safe and efficient.

Your decisions are likely to result in:

  1. Meeting the duty of care requirements to mitigate some of the risks from Bomb Blast.
  2. Meeting the duty of care requirements for Regulation 14.
  3. Improvements to business continuity.
  4. Identifying opportunities to save energy to meet environmental goals and reduce your company's running costs.

At the end of the survey the 'key learnings' from the glazing survey will be documented and presented to you.

Glazing Audit

What is a glazing audit?

A glazing audit is the process of inspecting and recording details about glass in a building, including the type of glass, risk code and size of pane. It is then documented in what will be your living document.

Q: Why Document?

A: Demonstrate that you have taken the appropriate steps in the event of civil action or an inspection.

A: The duty holder, director or manager may change role and take valuable knowledge with them. Keeping a record ensures that there is a smooth transition to the new person responsible for Regulation 14.

A: Usage in the space adjacent to the glass changes resulting in a greater risk of injury.

Duty of Care Regulation 14

Regulation 14 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 is a legal obligation to manage and control the risks from glass.

Find out more about Regulation 14

Duty of Care in the face of Terrorism

Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice

Particularly relevant to protective security for buildings susceptible of risk of terrorist attacks (e.g. shopping centres, financial centres, etc.) are the specific requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Regulations made under it to do all of the following:

  • Carry out adequate risk assessments and put suitable measures in place to manage identified risks.
  • Conduct prompt and regular reviews of those assessments and measures in light of new threats and developments.
  • Co-operate and co-ordinate safety arrangements between owners, managers, security staff, tenants and others involved on site, including the sharing of incident plans and working together in testing, auditing and improving planning and response.

Glass Attriums

Glass roofs break for many reasons, but the type of glass determines whether the glass is likely to stay within the frame or fall dangerously below.

A glazing survey will give you the facts to determine how the glass may react to breakage.

Security that Pays for Itself with Energy Savings

Excessive solar heat gain is typically dealt with by using air-conditioning to remove the heat. This provides a very significant opportunity to leverage anti-fragmentation films that are combined with solar control.

The result is massive energy savings. The energy savings typically are several times greater than the costs of installing the security product.

Graph showing the impact of Solar Window Film on Temperature:

regulation 14 - diagram B

Integrate with your asset management system

Let us know and we will facilitate cross-referencing the glass with your asset management system.

We can help

Call 0845 003 7260 for a no-obligation discussion about your implementation. An expert is available who is there to help you, or contact us online:

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