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How Maritime Pirates Attack

Pirate Ships

Pirates use small motorised skiffs to approach and board vessels. The range of these boats used to constrain the range of attacks to near the shore.

To avoid the increased anti-piracy naval patrols in the Gulf of Aden, pirates are using mother ships disguised as fishing vessels, launching skiffs to attack shipping up to 1000nm off shore and into the Indian Ocean. With less opportunity for rapid naval intervention, pirates are launching longer and more sustained attacks on vessels in this area.

Stopping the Vessel

Although pirate attacks are made on ships at anchor in some parts of the world, the majority of pirate attacks are now made on vessels underway in open sea.

This gives the pirates the problem of stopping or slowing a moving vessel. Pirates are often armed with automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and have fired on vessels in an attempt to slow or stop them.

Bomb blast window film can prevent the devastating effect of flying glass caused by bullets or grenade explosions, providing a cost effective way of reducing the risk to crew and passengers.

Hijacking and Robbery

Pirates attack a vessel with the motive of either hijacking or robbery, which can be a major factor in the violence used in the attack.

Somali Pirates

Somali pirates attempt to board a vessel and take control, then sail to the Somali coast where the vessel, crew and cargo are held to ransom.

Nigerian Pirates

Incidents off the coast of Nigeria largely involve robberies rather than hijacking, so the crew have no ransom value to the pirates. Attacks are much more likely to involve violence towards the crew than anywhere else in the world, with one crew killed last year after the vessel was looted.

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