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Area at Risk of Maritime Piracy

Worldwide Piracy Figures Exceed 400 in 2009

406 reported incidents of piracy and armed robbery took place in 2009, according to the ICC International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre's anti piracy report.

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Somalia and the Gulf of Aden

Somali pirates account for over half the incidents recorded in 2009 - 217 attacks, including 42 vessels hijacked and 867 crew members taken hostage.

Pirates are firing automatic weapons and Rocket Propelled Grenades when attempting to hijack vessels. Once the vessel is hijacked the pirates sail to Somalia and demand a ransom for the safe release of vessel and crew.

Using mother ships, the pirates have been launching attacks up to 1000nm off the coast, and attacks have increased in the Indian Ocean.

Nigeria, the Gulf of Guinea and the Niger River Delta

Nigerian attacks often involve robberies rather than hijackings, and are much more violent in nature. Violence against the crew is more likely than anywhere else in the world. One crew was killed after the robbers looted the ship. The incidence of violent attacks has spilled into neighbouring countries.

Ghana and Tanzania

Pirates continue to attack ships in port, anchorages and surrounding waters.

South East Asia and Indian Sub Continent


This area is listed as very high risk, despite the number of attacks falling. Incidents increased slightly last year, with 14 ships boarded and stores stolen.

Singapore Straits

Incidents have increased for the second year running, with six vessels boarded and three further attempted attacks.

Indonesia, Malacca Straits, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam

Pirates are in operation, and extra vigilance is recommended

Rest of the World

South America

Thirty seven incidents were reported in 2009, compared to 14 in 2008. Countries affected include Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru and Venezuela.

Arabian Sea

Suspicious small boats have been reported, in some cases chasing ships with unknown intent.

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