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National Indicator NI 186
(Per capita reduction in CO2 emissions in the local authority area)

Local authorities are measured on per capita carbon emissions in their area of responsibility. Operational changes can improve their own performance, but a lot depends on the performance of local businesses and the community.

With no direct control over their environmental performance, and no way to enforce change, improving per capita CO2 emissions is largely down to the actions of local businesses.

Encouraging local businesses to improve their performance is not an easy task, especially when it requires financial investment. Installing window film can make significant energy cost savings and performance improvements — reducing carbon emissions while delivering a quick return on investment.

We can work with an authority to communicate these benefits to local businesses, demonstrating that by reducing their emissions, there is 'something in it for them'.

Contact us today on 0845 003 7260 to discuss how we can strategically work with your local authority to deliver cost-effective improvements across your business community.

What is National Indicator NI 186?

Local authorities are in a key position to take a leading role in reducing CO2 emissions within their community. Through their powers, responsibilities and partnerships, they can have significant influence and encourage behavioural changes to reduce local CO2 emission changes.

Setting a good example of strategic operational changes to reduce CO2 emissions in delivering their own functions is a clear indication of leadership in tackling climate change. This is measured using National Indicator NI 185 (CO2 reduction from local authority operations).

National Indicator NI 186 commits local authorities to measuring and reducing CO2 emissions per capita for the entire borough or city.

How is it Measured?

Centrally produced statistics of carbon emissions per capita are used to measure CO2 emissions for in the local area. These include:

  • Public and private sector organisations and businesses
  • Domestic housing
  • Road transport

Using National Indicator NI 186, the percentage reduction in CO2 emissions per capita is reported annually.

How we can help

If you're responsible for achieving National Indicator NI186 objectives for a local authority we're here to help you.

Installing window film is a cost-effective way of making significant CO2 emmission and energy cost savings. We provide Radiation Profile Energy Analysis audits to both local authorities and businesses in their community.

Get in touch today on 0845 003 7260 and discover how we can help you and local businesses achieve your National Indicator NI186 targets.