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Privacy Window Film

Privacy window film is your answer to view control

Frosted glass, etched effects, decorative and view control window films combine to improve privacy and security by restricting views.

GP Systems Ltd excel in bringing your great designs to reality. Discover great ideas about how to use privacy window film.

Specializing in privacy window film for public sector and commercial environments.



VisionControlFilm® is capturing the imagination of leading interior designers, architects and retail branding specialists. It is also helping to solve planning issues be removing views over neighbours.

Simply by applying VisionControlFilm® to glass, it is possible to create invisible viewing angles and control the view through any window.

The appearance of VisionControlFilm® changes from transparent to translucent, depending on the angle of view.

This can be used to block unsightly views, create unique privacy effects or draw attention to a product in a retail display.

VisionControlFilm® can be cut to shape enabling both simple and complex images and designs to fade in and out as they are viewed by passing pedestrians.

Frosted view control window film

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window films can be applied to an entire window pane or cut to stunning designs to enhance corporate identity.

Frosting is the most popular privacy window film as it allows about 90% of visible light to pass through.


Etched Window Film

'Etched-effect' window film gives the stunning visual effect of an acid-etched window, without the expense of replacing the glass.

Both etched & frosted glass window films provide privacy, security & decoration, day & night, even when the lights are on inside.

One-way 'mirrored' window film

One-Way Mirrored Window Film

One-way mirrored film, also known as daylight privacy window film or reflective window film, stop people looking in.

Dual reflective window films half internal reflections - our customers prefer them.

Blackout window film

Blackout Window Film

Blackout window films are a simple method of providing privacy and obscuring unsightly or unwanted views either into or out of a building.

Consider using blackout window film when a window is no longer required.

Stained glass window film

Stained Glass Film

Add colour to your glass with transparent coloured window films, usable on any glass surface for a stained glass appearance.

Coloured vinyl window film

Coloured Vinyl Film

Coloured vinyl film can completely colour a glazed area. It is effectively used to support branding or colour code rooms.

Manifestation graphics at Penguin Publishing HQ on the Strand

Manifestation Graphics

Health and Safety law requires that glass be made visible and safe from risk of accidental collisions.

From simple dots to any bespoke image. Company logos can be used on entrances or internal glass partitions.


Decorative Window Film

Virtually any design can be applied onto glass or wallcoverings - a great way to promote your brand.

Customers include Oxford University, Penguin Publishing, Rolls Royce and many more.

Partial obscure film

Partial Obscure Film

Partial obscure films provide privacy, whilst reducing risk of glass collision and allowing plenty of natural light through.

Ideal for commercial use to enhance privacy on office partitions.