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Radiation Profile Energy Analysis

With rising energy costs, businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce energy usage. The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme will increase the pressure, as energy consumption comes under closer scrutiny, and the possibility of financial penalties becomes a reality.

To assist organisations identify quantifiable savings in both energy costs and carbon footprint, GP Systems offers two energy analysis surveys.

By using CAPSOL modelling software, we accurately forecast the impact of retro-fitting solar control window film, including the energy cost savings and carbon footprint reduction achievable by reducing air conditioning usage.

Energy Cost Saving Surveys

CAPSHOT leverages the CAPSOL modelling engine and concentrates on the glazing and the building’s cooling systems rather than elements that make less of an impact such as floor area, walls, floors and roofs. This still gives a valuable insight into potential energy savings and return on investment at a fraction of the cost of a CAPSOL analysis. For a limited time the CAPSHOT solution is subsidised and is available at £20+VAT.

For a full CAPSOL report an energy specialist will produce a complex software model of a building, considering all factors to give a more accurate forecast on athe return of investment of installing window film. The price for full CAPSOL analysis is £995+VAT.

This strong analytical capability has made GP Window Films the preferred partner for many organisations’ carbon reduction programs.

To book your Radiation Profile Energy Analysis and identify energy cost savings and carbon footprint reduction for your organisation call 0845 003 7260.

What is CAPSOL?

CAPSOL is a building simulation software tool to help businesses predict the energy saving impact and cost benefits of installing solar control window film.

The Benefits of CAPSOL

By accurately comparing the impact of window film with ongoing air conditioning costs, CAPSOL allows businesses to calculate the return on investment of installing window film over a period of time.

With the introduction of the Carbon Reduction Commitment businesses will need to look for environmentally-friendly alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint. CAPSOL demonstrates ways of achieving reductions whilst saving money.

In addition to highlighting cost savings and carbon reductions, temperature forecasts give businesses an understanding of the comfort factors which can improve employee productivity.

How CAPSOL Works

CAPSOL creates a complex software model of building by incorporating many properties and environmental factors, such as:

  • Geographic location of the building
  • Constantly updated local weather data for the last 10 years
  • Construction material information
  • Efficiency of your air conditioning systems
  • Type of glazing – tinted or clear, single or double glazed, thickness & gap
  • Area of glass for each building elevation
  • Electricity costs including the Climate Charge Levy

The model provides accurate forecasts of heat absorption by the building, and any subsequent energy savings once solar control window film is applied.

CAPSOL Credentials

CAPSOL is supported by Bakaert Speciality Films LLC, a global leader in the development and manufacture of speciality window films. It is used by a large number of respected global and European standards bodies, including:

  • The International Energy Agency
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • The International Organisation of Standards
  • The European Union
  • Centre for Window and Cladding Technology, University of Bath

The modelling calculations are provided by one of the UK's leading window film experts.

Book Your Energy Audit Now

To discover the energy cost savings and carbon footprint reductions achievable for your organisation, book an energy audit now by calling us on 0845 003 7260 or contact us online:

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