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“It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by GP Systems and the effect has been exactly as required.“Tim Barrett (Contracts Manager), DOI Group

Reflective Solar Window Films

Controlling Heat and Glare for Efficiency and Comfort

Reflective solar window film

Reflective solar window films provide excellent levels of solar heat rejection.

Like other solar control films, reflective window films are a cost effective method of reducing air conditioning load, energy costs and carbon emissions, while also improving comfort and staff productivity.

Reflective Window Films Benefits

  • eliminate reflections on VDU screens by controlling glare
  • provide privacy to your premises during daylight hours
  • give a building a more uniform external appearance
  • transform and modernise the image of older premises
  • provide UV protection to prevent fading of furnishings

Our High Performance Reflective Window Film

  • has a warmer colour than the equivalent reflective films, creating a more pleasant and productive office environment than the cooler coloured films
  • allows 20% more visible light with the same heat rejection than the equivalent reflective films, reducing the need for electrical lighting and saving energy as a result
  • rejects 20% more infrared heat than the equivalent reflective films. Infrared heat makes you feel hot. Therefore, this film is superior in improving the thermal comfort near the windows and the productivity of your employees
  • reduces 99% of UV radiation, providing protection against premature skin aging and skin cancer while reducing fading on your furnishings by a factor of 3

Solar Heat and Glare Control

Reflective films are some of the most effective solar control window films available. Depending on the colour of window film used, reflective window film can reject up to 77% of solar heat, and reduce solar glare by up to 82%.

Reflective window films are particularly suitable to combating more severe solar heat gain and glare problems.


Reflective window films give the glass a silver or coloured reflective external appearance in daylight. From the inside the window film is less noticeable, giving the glass a light tinted effect.

The reflective finish provides privacy during the daytime, gives premises a less cluttered external image, and can enhance the appearance of older buildings.

Radiation Profile Energy Analysis

Rising energy costs and the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Saving Scheme have put increased pressure on organisations to reduce their energy usage and carbon footprint.

Book a no obligation Radiation Profile Energy Analysis Survey now, and discover significant and quantifiable savings in building energy costs and carbon footprint.

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