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“It was important to get the balance of temperature, glare and light control. This was achieved by GP Systems and the effect has been exactly as required.”Tim Barrett (Contracts Manager), DOI Group

Solar Control Window Film

Discover the benefits of solar control film that pay for themselves...

Hot Office

Summer Heat Impact Office Productivity

About 2 out of 3 UK office workers say that they are too hot in the summer heat.

Sleepiness from the heat and glare on computer screens contribute to higher stress levels and reduced performance, which has a definite impact on your company's competitive edge.

Controlling temperature is critical

A recent study in an Danish schools demonstrated that reducing the indoor temperature significantly increased work rate.

The work environment definitely affects staff performance, absenteeism and staff retention.

Increase staff effectiveness

Research into the cost of providing accommodation for office workers over a 25 year lease shows that in general:

  • 6.5% of the total goes on the construction costs
  • 8.5% goes on furnishing, maintaining and operating the facility
  • and dramatically, 85% goes on the salary costs of the occupiers

Historically, there was a focus on the efficiency of the building in order to drive down occupancy costs.

Recently, there is a greater focus on effectiveness to improve the way that people work. The aim is to get the most from the employees, after all, this is where most money is spent.

Factors that impact the effectiveness of staff have a far greater impact than those which affect building efficiency.

The workplace is responsible for 24% of job satisfaction

Staff turnover is costly. Replacing a mid-level manager costs about 50% of the annual, so it is key to invest to retain staff.

Aim to use your buildings to attract and retain staff.

The office and other workplaces is much more than a financial cost but is important in terms to your staff effectiveness.

In a major UK company, staff turnover of a call centre operation reduced by 11% after a move to new premises (where the company estimated training costs at £13,000 per employee). Output more than doubled (from 35 calls per employee handled pre-move to 74 calls post move) over the same period.

source - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)

14 million days are lost each year in the UK from absenteeism from work

Another study showed reduced absenteeism from work in a group that moved to new premises. By comparison, staff absence from five other company locations remained the same.

source - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE)

Research shows that office workers salaries dwarf building construction & running costs.

Reduce your summer cooling costs

Energy savings provide a typical payback period between 1.5 to 5 years, subject to film choice and prevailing energy prices at the time.

Solar control film cuts 33% to 80% of the heat coming through your windows. It is without doubt the most effective way to reduce solar heat through your windows.

In hot weather, your air conditioning systems do not have to work as hard to maintain the optimum workplace temperature.

By cutting out heat passing through the windows, cooling costs are reduced significantly.

Avoid the requirement to invest as significantly in air conditioning and perhaps avoid the need altogether.

Signup to an energy analysis audit, with no obligation to purchase window film.

Reduce costs of lighting the workplace

Glare causes employees to close blinds. The knock-on effect is that natural light, which is good for employees, is swapped for artificial light.

Artificial light consumes energy and generates lots of heat. The workplace becomes even hotter and the cooling systems work even harder, consuming even more energy.

Reduce your winter heating costs

Solar control film also reduces heat loss in winter by further insulating your windows and reflecting some of the heat back into the room.

Customers and the government care about how green you are

The pressure is on to be greener.

By 2020 Europe has targets to cut energy consumption by 20% and slash CO2 emissions by 20%.

By October 2008, commercial companies are expected to publish their premise's energy rating and place it in a prominent position.

Customers are increasingly looking to purchase from green companies. Simply put, you increase sales if you act green.

Consequently, businesses are increasingly promoting themselves as environmentally friendly.

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Protect your furnishings from fading

Ultraviolet light is the biggest contributor towards the fading of surfaces, carpets, chairs and other furnishings.

Solar control film cuts out 99% of the ultraviolet light and leaves your furnishings looking good much longer.... more savings.

Click this link to discover more about fading and UV window film.

Combine all the benefits of solar film with increased security

You can add the benefits of solar control film with protection against bombs, intruders or vandalism dependent on the window film chosen.

Discover more about the benefits in combining solar control film and bomb blast window film.

Sounds expensive - read here for a pleasant surprise

Solar heat control window film is the most cost effective solution to managing heat gain at the workplace.

Solar window film - an investment that pays for itself... very quickly

Other solutions available to you

Air-conditioning combined with window film is ideal and GP Systems can provide the best solutions for you. If you are on a budget then window film costs much less and pays for itself quickly.

Blinds are good at cutting out glare, unfortunately they do not stop the heat from entering the workplace. This is because the heat has already entered the room by the time it hits the blinds.

Low-e glass will retain the heat in the glass, but does little to stop the heat from entering. Air conditioning costs are usually significantly higher than heating costs in office environments.

Pilkington K low-e rejects about 33% of the solar energy whereas a good quality external film on the same glass will reject about 80%.

The installation (of solar heat control window film) won't disrupt your business

Your business will be able to continue working whilst we install your solar control film. The whole process is quick.

Desks near to windows may need to be moved to allow safe access to windows.

We can even install out-of-hours.

Contractor Health and Safety assessment scheme (CHAS)

GP Systems Ltd is accredited with the Contractor Health And Safety assessment scheme.

Safe Contractor Accreditation

Systems Ltd is accredited with the SAFEcontractor assessment scheme.

Under the SAFEcontractor system, businesses undergo a vetting process, which examines health and safety procedures and their track record for safe practice.

The solar heat control window film guarantee

The solar heat control window film comes with a 10-16 year warranty if installed on the inside pane.

Our customers are always happy because GP Systems Ltd is organized around our customers processes. We understand the importance of getting the right information to the right people at the right time, which guarantees that you will want to work with us again.

This guarantee has teeth

Buy with confidence

We are members of the Buy With Confidence scheme. This means that GP Systems Ltd has been audited and approved by Trading Standards to ensure that we operate in a legal, honest and fair way.

Trading Standards interviewed a random selection of our customers to make sure that there are no problems with our work. We had a glowing report.

Now let's say that you are unhappy with our service and that we were not able to deal satisfactorily with your concern. You could report us to Buy With Confidence.

Our record is spotless and we want to keep it that way as we continue to do everything we can to delight our customers.

We can help

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